An International Team

Over the years, I have worked with a lot of different, talented people as both a client and a customer. I have developed relationships with a lot of very talented people.

I am using my contacts to give back to the mobile eSports community. I have organized an international team of 11 of the best artists, designers, and creators I've worked with in the last 3 years. Since everything is done in-house, we can deliver a consistent vision throughout multiple projects. And you'll never have to deal with missed deadlines or subpar work - our team is varied enough to excel in many different complimentary areas. 

What do we offer?

From the beginning, we stress the importance of building your brand through consistency and polish. Brand awareness gains the trust of your viewers. Having a clean interface is as important as the content you create. 

We can walk you through every step of the way. From simple logo design and animation to eSport jerseys and stream overlays, our established team can meet your needs by delivering a polished final product that puts your vision first from start to finish.